A visual adventurer raised with her heart in the sea and toes in the sand, Chelsea followed the path of beauty. Immersed in a creative environment within the walls of her house it was only natural for her to follow her dreams down the path of artistic expression. 

In 2003 Chelsea attended Los Angeles Figurative Art Academy studying under Sergio Sanchez, focusing on the Human Form with the use of Charcoal. With the founding of the school in 2002 it was still unaccredited but the skills and perspective gained was beyond a paper certificate. Chelsea then followed the path of fine artistry through sketch, paint, and sculpting, along with any other expressive form she could get her hands on from then forward. 

In 2013 an accident caused Chelsea to change life’s course bringing her to the crossroads of a career change. She then decided to return to school for Multi–Media Design. While gaining adept knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Acrobat Pro; she has also become competent in Processing, DreamWeaver, and Maya. With an intense love of illustrating and communicating through digital means, this was an exquisite fit for her. 

Chelsea currently resides tucked away in Santa Barbara, Ca freelancing in Multi–Media Arts soaking up an overwhelming amount of beauty found anywhere she lies her eyes on. When not creating you can find her on a yoga mat or in the air practicing aerial yoga/acrobatics with a drive that exceeds imagination.