I finally updated and organized my website to reflect what I offer as a graphic designer!

Generally, our own website upkeep comes last. There are always people who have a tight system in place when it comes to their own personal business updates and upkeep but I unfortunately am not one of them. I’ve tried to be and have gotten much better at it.

My skills and talent are such a variety that a lot of clients and potential clients were coming to me wondering if offered this or that. The truth was that I almost always offered the service they were looking for but didn’t have a clear way of communicating it. I also found myself stuck in a scarcity mindset worried that if I made my practice more specialized I wouldn’t get work. SO NOT TRUE!

I’ve already learned that not all clients are a match for me and visa versa, but hadn’t leapt into cleaning up what it is that I offer. I still offer and am capable of a lot of different things but wanted to specialize in Brand Packages. Want to know what this entails? Click here. Brand Packaging is a way for me to offer my most favorite styles of work while empowering fellow entrepreneurs / businesses small or large on being seen the way they want to be seen. This package includes a variety of options and is tailored to the client’s needs.

I’m so stoked to organize my business in this way and cannot wait to really dive in. I currently have some spots open for new clients as well. If that is you click here!

As always thank you for you continual support and hope to work with YOU!