I photographed a wedding reception at a beautiful location with wonderful people

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I’ve had a lot of experience using various cameras and taking photos but weddings used to intimidate me. I have experience photographing weddings from about 4 years ago but I never took it seriously. I wasn’t stepping into my creativity and power and feeling a lack of confidence. Weddings are such a large day and there are so many moments to capture it can be scary. I’ve read many blog posts and looked at a ton of great photographers sites and social platforms in order to understand what it looks like to capture this day. I’ve always felt experience is the best way to learn but I hadn’t put myself out there in a big way yet. It’s also intimidating to see how many other great photographers there are out in the world and I easily question “Do I have what it takes?” and many other questions.

Recently a new love of cameras arose within me and it was just in time for my brother to ask me if I was available to photograph a wedding reception with him. This couple had a very small intimate ceremony but the reception was where the real party was at. They chose a beautiful location in the mountains of Santa Cruz; a small town called Ben Lomand. This location looked over mountains filled with redwoods and it fell on a beautiful sunny day. The lighting was breathtakingly romantic and the temperature was perfect. Not to mention photographing a party with my brother was one of the more fun adventures we’ve had. I’ve spent years with my brother watching him photograph skateboarders and then I would photograph him skateboarding. We both learned a lot photographing action. So when we stepped behind the camera at a wedding it felt much more natural than planned.

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