The path of the creative. 

Why did I choose it? 

Well, I didn’t actually… it chose me. I believe that all beings are creative in some form or another. Artists specifically (whatever you may categorize as an artist) have a really challenging time quieting the artist in them. I’ve tried to do it. I’ve worked a handful of jobs outside of the creative realm in an attempt to quiet the artist in me. Or to keep my art as a “hobby”. It only lead to emptiness heavily lacking passion and purpose. No matter how many times others would try to justify the ways in which I was making a difference; like making someone a coffee or relieving their stress with a cocktail or beer. It was empty for me. AND to make things even worse, caused me to be more irritable and angry with humanity. Basically the opposite of my goals: compassion, care and love.

I love knowing that I will be able to pay all of my bills (especially rent) and still be able to do a few extra curricular activities that I enjoy and a J O B provided that for me. It was reliable but my soul was dying and I felt it. My relationships were affected, my self care was low, my sleep was hit or miss and I felt low. I’ve even considered working for a firm or company as a graphic designer because that is something I do now. Why? So that I can remain complacent and know every month that I will make a certain amount of money to survive. 

No matter how much I tried to fit in that box I just don’t fit. It’s taken me years, and still working on this, to accept that about me. To feel empowered that I should be working for myself and freelancing. To believe that I can create things that people want to experience. 

SO HERE I AM, week 2 (literally) of leaping out into the world as my own business: Chelsea Willett Designs. Offering a variety of services filled with passion and purpose. A leap of faith into a place I really do not know a thing about. I have been filled to the brim with supportive and kind words. People believe in me. So why the hell should I not believe in myself?