Why on earth would I become a Graphic Designer?

Not only did I go to school for Graphic Design but I also took it on as my business. I chose to work for myself rather than for corporations or firms which has made my road very challenging.

Now I am 5 years into working as a Graphic Designer and almost hitting my 1 year anniversary of my own business. Before I went to school for Graphic Design I was of the mindset that school wasn’t for me, I couldn’t pay for it, I didn’t have time to work and school, along with some other negative thoughts. Then I found myself at a T in the road and finally signed up for school and within a week I was fully enrolled. Before that I had dabbled in various Graphic Design endeavors being an artist but most of those endeavors were in Photoshop. I knew I enjoyed the little work I had done combining my creative side with digital but the programs were still a mystery to me.

When I started Graphic Design I had no idea I would love it as much as I do now. Granted, sitting in front of the computer for long hours can be daunting; I still LOVE this work.

Here’s why:

  • I solve problems with every project. It doesn’t matter if it’s a flyer or a logo I am solving problems.

  • I am always visually communicating and it’s constantly challenging.

  • I have the opportunity to help clients visually communicate what they were unable to do.

  • I give businesses a face through branding and websites and then get to celebrate them when the project is finished.

  • I combine my creative abilities with digital, useful form.

  • I make some of the best relationships with the clients I’ve had.

  • I get to constantly practice my communication skills with my clients. Never fails.

  • I practice holding myself accountable to deadlines and timelines and feel the power of knowing I can do it or communicate better if I can’t.

  • I learn about a variety of different businesses.

If that list wasn’t long enough there are many other reasons I love this work including my schedule. Some days I work 12 hours and other days I only work 5. I can carve out time to travel and work from the road which is a huge plus.

All that to say, I love what I do and this is why I chose this career. Thank you to everyone who has hired me and if you’re considering working with me head here to send me an email. If you want to learn more head here to my about page. Now go and chase that thing that you want and feel you should be doing. We’re capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for!

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