I painted a mural at Power of Your Om Yoga Studio in Santa Barbara

If you’re wondering how I became known for murals it came down to putting myself out there in a lot of big and uncomfortable ways. I started painting murals and signs in 2002 and luckily held tight to doing this work. Not only do I have years of experience but signs and murals are one of the most popular reasons I’m hired.

Recently I had a great opportunity to paint a mural in the lobby of Power of Your Om Yoga Studio in Santa Barbara. This is a female owned studio which made this project even more special. CHANGE STARTS HERE was what the mural was based around which is also the underlining message of POYO Studio. I’ve always felt supported in looking deeply within with responsibility when I practice or spend time with the POYO staff. Adrienne has done a fantastic job at streamlining what they stand for and how they want to impact the community.

Painting murals is a place where I can tap into a flow that feels more free than most other things I do. It’s quite a magical feeling. I approached this mural free hand which is honestly how I work best. Enjoy Friends!

yoga studio mural
power of your om mural
mural santa barbara
poyo logo