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Whether you are just starting out or re-branding your current business, you need design that screams who you are to the world. I have encountered so many clients who don’t know where to start or what they need to get going. Below are options to choose from for your own tailored brand package. If you are unsure, I offer consulting. I have encountered many different stages of business with clients and running my own that I now have a keen sense of steps to take and what is needed to get there. If there is something you need that is not listed below, please add it to the form field; I most likely know how to accomplish it or have a great referral.

We can meet in real life or through a zoom meeting. I am located in Santa Barbara but do travel for work, *prices are different for travel. I have a method I am confident in that includes a little homework on your end but it helps me get inside your head and see your vision. From there, we bring it to life.

Read below to learn about each package item. If you are ready to choose options, fill out the form below and I follow up with a quote!


logo(s)- a timeless moment

This is where your business begins. Logos, are the most crucial to setting the tone and aesthetic of your business. It tells the world about you and is a constant reminder of your presence. This portion can sometimes take an extended amount of time from learning about your vision to dialing in the perfect logo to represent your business. In this stage we also set the color palette and fonts you want to use.


Photography - shine

Photography has turned into one of my favorite facets of this field and a huge part of the work that I do. I love being behind a camera finding that perfect natural light letting the subject be themselves. Or maybe you need your products photographed or even your physical location. Social media also needs prime photos and this can be a really challenging place to stand out so it’s important to put extra effort into this area.


website build /website design

You can’t get away without a website anymore. It is imperative to have a landing place for your followers/clients/customers. Your website can be as extensive or simple as you dream up but navigation is key! If I build the site I also set up SEO and offer continual support and content creating.

I build and design websites in Squarespace mostly but am familiar with Shopify, Etsy, Wix and Weebly. I also design websites and wire frames and work with developers for specific business’ that have different needs.


package design - stand out

If you are selling a physical product you need a designer. Between label requirements and getting measurements correct, package labels can be a big job. Once it’s done, it should be timeless and stand out. If you have a product, start noticing those product labels that jump out at you when you shop.

Designers can take a huge amount of stress off your back by making sure the label is fitting right, meeting requirements and working with a printer to ensure that.


print - be seen

A lot of times launching a business, product or a re-brand requires some form of announcement. This can be a poster, a small flyer or a postcard. Or maybe you have events coming up and need printed materials for that. You might have a list of services and need a brochure or card. One of my favorite things to do is think outside the box when it comes to print. We have so many options with the print world now that creativity is endless.


social media

Whether it’s creating design tiles or photographing for social media, I have spent a lot of time in these platforms and am well versed on eye catching content. I have worked with clients on ads, growth and overall social media management. This includes but is not limited to: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Tumblr. I am also skilled at editing video.


business materials - share your biz

Having business cards is a standard now and I can always tell the difference between a professionally designed business card and a drag and drop business card. It makes a difference to work with a designer on creating the card of your dreams. Handing off a professional, creative card feels good.

You might even need a letterhead design or envelope design. All these are possible with the help of a designer.


consulting - begin

Let’s face it, business can be challenging and overwhelming. It’s easy to forget steps and hard to figure out your needs. I am well versed in organizing thoughts and needs and turning them into a plan of action. I have worked with many new businesses on finding their voice, vision, aesthetic and more. I am also well versed in marketing which always comes into play with business.

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