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Welcome to my shop! This is a great place to find a variety of work and options of the work. If you have any questions about anything you see or want please feel free to contact me. 

Depth Through Touch

Depth Through Touch


This is a Reductive Relief print 18x24” with a 1” border printed on Japanese Mulberry paper. I used linoleum to carve for this piece. This print comes with the frame seen in the photo. A reductive print is a process which allows multiple colors from the same block. Generally starting with the lightest color (in this piece it’s the greenish yellow). Then once the first color is printed the block gets reduced through carving away what the artist wants to remain that lightest color and then prints the next color (for mine is the lighter grey). The steps continue in this manner. This is a four color print. I freehanded this design and carved it intuitively. My hands and my eyes communicate more to me about this world and the work I make than many other things. I’m able to see and touch. This piece brings that alongside my adoration for nature together.

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