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Art is my first love and is still a huge part of my life. One of the biggest jobs I consistently am hired to create are Signs. Whether it’s a Chalkboard Sign or Hand Painted, I am an expert.

My first experience in the art world was getting a job at Trader Joe’s as their artist in 2002. I stayed with them for about 7 years learning the art of typography and sign making. In 2004 I attended a Fine Art School in LA to learn classic figure drawing. During this whole time I was heavily commissioned for murals and signs in local businesses.

I eventually followed my dream to learn how to design and received a degree in Multimedia Arts and Technologies with an emphasis in Graphic Design and coursework in Photography, Marketing, Business and Interactive Design. Upon finishing that degree I followed it with a Studio Art degree while building my design portfolio.

I began designing in 2013 under Chelsea Willett Designs but continued to hold part time jobs in fear of not making it as an entrepreneur. Finally in early 2018, I fully launched Chelsea Willett Designs and took the plunge after an advanced business course and feeling like if I didn’t do it now, I would regret it forever. I originally thought doing Art Pop-ups would be a large part of my work, and for about 6 months they were. I quickly found how much I truly loved designing and working one on one with clients so I minimized my pop-up participation. Now I showcase in shows rather than pop-ups.

There are endless rewards in owning my own business but one of my favorites is working remotely and traveling. I spend my free time practicing yoga and playing in nature as much as possible. I try to spend a few months each year on the road and many weekends hiking, camping and filling my inspiration cup with the world around me.

Now as a Designer I work mostly with brand packaging and strategy and love helping new business owners launch. I’ve gone through the process many times and feel very equipped to help businesses with their goals and clearly organizing what it is they need to thrive. I consider myself a Renaissance woman (thank you Leonardo da Vinci - my hero) with what I am able to create and the skill set I hold.

I currently have open slots for new clients. Contact me here.

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